Land Grab in West Africa

Land grabbing is a real phenomenon and unfortunately overall more pronounced in developing countries where there are more needy.
Land grabbing is a destructive and destabilizing phenomenon that has ruined our whole families in areas of dispossessing them of what constitutes the very meaning of their lives: their land.
In West Africa, especially in my country Cote d'Ivoire, one of the biggest chores assigned to Justice is the settlement of land disputes.
In the great metropolis of Abidjan one is faced with any sort of problem related to Land Business, and these problems generally derive their origins from the insecurity of land titles.
I wonder now that the money or the rights under the management of land, or that the condition or the village notables owns the land.
In our West African cities there are often complicated scenes. Entire families are dispossessed of their land or risk losing their land they have purchased, because this land is part of a village area, or have real estate and construction companies who viabilise land with permissions from above which is not often unanimously.
Sector of business in this land trust gives way to doubt and the whole world is changing with it, which is a real handicap to the growth of this sector constitutes an important lever of creation of wealth.
What we want, we African youth is that our leaders secure the land from our parents by allowing them to have land titles in good and due form, so that we can inherit legally and in case of need these mortgage securities to create businesses and contribute to the development of our continent.