Pacific enclosures

HI all,

the pacific is facing enclosures as beaches get sold off to foreign investors.

Read this article:

75 year leases in Vanuatu are a recipe for uncertainty. They might as well be 99 year leases as we have here in Australia. The real issue is the land value accruing under the land leases.

Why should local people be fenced out of their traditional fishing lands?
Why should land owners make thousands of dollars in their sleep?
The word land lease has been corrupted in Vanuatu.

If a yearly land rent was paid to the government, foreign investors would not be so keen to buy up the waterfront. The issue is the government has no expertise in valuing land, let alone taxing it. AusAid & NZ Aid are spending $50m over 5 years to value the land (amongst other things). The government has no money. They are being told to privatise everything. The only other answer being given to them is to increase the GST on medicines and other essential goods. Sales tax is regressive.

However, in true white man ways, from what we hear, they are not training the locals in how to value land. So much for sovereignty.

I would be interested to hear your comments on these issues and perhaps to enlighten us what is happening in your community.