The Land Rights and Land Value Capture online course and program was developed under the direction of Alanna Hartzok, Co-Director, Earth Rights Institute with funding from the Global Land Tool Network, the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, and the International Union for Land Value Taxation.

These individuals contributed to the program development and content: Annie Goeke, Heather Remoff, Jeffrey J. Smith, Pat Aller, Joshua Vincent, Eron Lloyd, Gordon Abiama, Mason Gaffney, Roy Langston, Karl Fitzgerald, Ted Gwartney, Nic Tideman, Fernando Scornik Gerstein, Godfrey Dunkley, Ole Lefmann, Fred Foldvary, Ed Dodson, Walt Rybeck, Mario Cordero, Bill Batt, Bryan Kavanaugh, Tony Vickers, Matt Harris, Peter Gibb, Leo Foley, Artie Yeatman, Herb Goldstein, Peter Meakin, Dave Wetzel, Lindy Davies and Chuck Metalitz. More than 40 people from 18 countries reviewed various components of the course during the development phase.

Jeffrey J. Smith helped to write the overall SWOT analysis and SWOTs for Singapore, South Korea, Tsingtao (China), and Hong, Kong; Fernando Scornik Gerstein wrote the SWOT for Argentina; Godfrey Dunkley, for South Africa; Ole Lefmann, for Denmark; Fred Foldvary, for Taiwan, and his writings also contributed to Module 4; Ed Dodson for Pennsylvania; Walt Rybeck for Jamaica and Washington, DC; Gordon Abiama for Nigeria and Tanzania.

Annie Goeke assisted with pilot tests for the online course, development of a student database and enrollment forms, and administration of the first student groups; Bill Batt compiled charts, graphs and other material; Bryan Kavanaugh contributed useful graphs and as did Tony Vickers and Matt Harris (“land value scapes”); Karl Fitzgerald made several valuable contributions to the course particularly his EarthSharing vacant land project in Australia; Roy Langston contributed substantially to the development and editing of the brochures; Peter Gibb, Heather Remoff, Pat Aller, and Leo Foley worked on brochure development; the research and writings of Mason Gaffney contributed greatly to several components of the online course, as did Ted Gwartney’s papers on land value assessment; ArtieYeatman and Herb Goldstein of the School of Living gave input for the Community Land Trust section.

Lindy Davies’ material on the Law of Rent from the Henry George Institute website is embedded in the second course module and his improved graphics design of the Economics of War and Peace charts are included in Module 4; Nic Tideman helped with the quotes section, course module 3, and thinking through some details of the implementation section; Peter Meakin and Dave Wetzel gave helpful input as did Chuck Metalitz. Joshua Vincent and Eron Lloyd of the Center for the Study of Economics designed the online calculator and wrote its descriptive and supplemental material.

Chase Nordengren made a tremendous contribution by designing and developing the course website and continues to serve as webmaster for the Land Rights and Land Value Capture online course and program.