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  1. Posted: 2 December, 2008 - 19:41


    US Bureau of Census Statistical Brief, "Who Owns America's Farmland/" 1993 2008
    Federal Lands in the US
    "The United States government has direct ownership of almost 650 million acres of land (2.63 million square kilometers) - nearly 30% of its total territory. These federal lands are used as military bases or testing grounds, nature parks and reserves and indian reservations, or are leased to the private sector for commercial exploitation (e.g. forestry, mining, agriculture)."
    (Cahill says US federal gov. owns 760 million acres, this would include holdings outside the US
    FSA "Foreign Holdings of US Agricultural Lands through February 28, 2007"
    0.94 percent of US total lands in foreign ownership

    ...40 per cent of land in England and Wales has not been registered by its owners. More than half of all rural land and rural buildings are unregistered...The Queen and the Prince of Wales are among the biggest landowners who are co-operating with the Land Registry's attempt to plot every acre of land in England and Wales.
    "Finding out who really owns Britain isn't easy"
    ...In just over 130 years more than 30m acres have mysteriously gone missing... 2005
    The farm subsidy figures published yesterday show for the first time exactly how much taxpayers' money rich landowners and members of the royal family are receiving from the public purse...

    Canada is a kingdom, also called a dominion, whose head of state is a Queen, Elizabeth 11...The ownership factor is 1. The Queen is the sole legal owner of all the land of Canada. The private “holdership” factor, based on freehold tenure of housing is 67%. For all other land it is less than 9.7%, with over 90% of Canadian land remaining as Crown leasehold, administered for the Crown by various agencies and departments of the government of Canada...About 79% of the Canadian population is urban and there is no basic poverty in Canada...
    Note: Some Aboriginal groups might disagree about basic poverty