New monthly elctronic newsletter, Earth Rights Review

Earth Rights Review (News and Views)
Dear All,

Here is congratulating all those who have successfully completed our ERI online course on Land Rights and Land Value Capture while we gently urge those of you who have not been able do so to endeavour to keep the lessons coming, at your own pace of course, bearing in mind that most of you are already established with several other priorities of life.

It is our great pleasure to announce to you all our intention to come up with a monthly electronic newsletter, EARTH RIGHTS REVIEW. Our aim is to consolidate and to build a strong advocacy network on land issues which, you will all agree, strikes at the root of human existence.

It is therefore our goal to build a dedicated and strong coalition of knowledge based persons of goodwill with a passion to work for the enthronement of a progressive society – from local (Nigeria) to global (Africa and the world). This is a struggle to see that today’s society adopts policies that will ensure the equal right of everyone to land and its resources.

The newsletter will throw light on many of today’s baffling question about life. As you must have learned, the problem of the Eighteenth Century was how to produce wealth, how to increase the quantity of the good things of life for everyone to enjoy.

But the challenge of this 21st Century is how to distribute the wealth to all, not equally but equitable. The present neoliberal economic policies have created the wide gulf between the rich and the poor. Some few people are “stinking rich” while the vast majority are embarrassingly poor”.

We have the solution to this distortion in today’s wealth distribution economics which sadly, our elites the leaders have chosen to neglect. The newsletter will therefore strive to enrich and spread this knowledge about the relevant factors in the task of building up a fair and progressive economic order.

Purpose-based, Earth Rights Review Newsletter will bring forward practical solutions for fair access to land and other natural resources; helping to build a strong and diverse economy throughout Nigeria; equitable, sufficient and efficient approaches to taxation and public finance policy; and the restoration and protection of our air, water and land resources.
The Newsletter is expected to provide evidence based discussion on economic injustice and poor revenue taxing. It is the mission of our Newsletter EARTH RIGHTS REVIEW to provide critical analysis of economic injustice issues affecting the urban and rural poor, provide long term perspective about the potential implications and identification of the solution.
It will feature News and Views. The write ups will be multi-sectoral and trans-disciplinary so as not to segment knowledge i.e. they will range from, for example, the legal, economic, religious political, angles to the social but all within the context of achieving social peace, wealth equitative distribution, democracy and social justice against the background of the strategic importance of land.

The Editor heartily welcomes your articles and comments for publication. Once you start receiving the newsletter, please endeavour to forward it other networks you may be involved in. Our goal is to achieve an expanded readership as soon as possible.

Renowned American Thinker Henry George once remarked that” right thought will produce right action”. So the first shot of the newsletter will soon be in your email boxes.

Watch Out!

Wish us well, please.