Land Rights Nigeria Class Invitation to Build Your Network

Greetings to the 68 people enrolled in the Nigeria class of the online course on Land Rights and Land Value Capture.

Recent course graduates are now interested in building a Nigeria network in order to move forward on research for land value capture and resource rent fund policy implementation.

This is an invitation to begin that process via the Forum feature of the online course. To post to members of the Nigeria class, click on Forums at top of the course website; then click on the main topic area of your particular forum, which would be Classes. Then click on Post new Forum topic; enter your Subject/Topic; scroll the Forums box to the particular Forum where you want to place your post; write your post; click save.

These directions are also repeated at the top of the Forums section. So please begin now to use this Forum communication feature to develop the Nigeria network of those enrolled in the Nigeria class of Land Rights and Land Value Capture. So many of you have made such excellent postings to your assignments, and several of you have graduated from the course.

I have requested that your course instructor, Gordon Abiama,who is based in Yenegoa, send out some of his ideas on next steps.

All the very best to you, in these challenging times,

Alanna Hartzok, Co-Director, Earth Rights Institute